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Welcome to my Blog!

Updated: Aug 24, 2022

Hi! Welcome to my blog about my travels and how to take amazing photographs!

My name is Andrea and I think anyone is capable of taking photos that they can be proud of, including you. I’m guessing you have an interest in photography if you are here and I can’t wait to share all the information I have with you about photography and travel.

My motto is have fun, be positive, connect with others and live a full happy life!

I was in the education field prior to photography and I believe everything I did brought me to where I am now.

I have always loved photography and received what I call a “fancy” camera when my first son was born 13 years ago. It was a Canon EOS Rebel XSI. I have since had 4 cameras after that.

Currently, I shoot with my Canon 6D Mark II for portraits but I also love my Sony a6400 for travel and sports.

I live in Minnesota with my amazing family and I love every season we have here, even if winter seems to last forever. I love going on hikes, taking photos and watching my boys play sports.

I’ve had my photography business for 5 years now (4 years part time and recently 1 year full time) and I’ve tried almost every genre of photography. My favorite part about photography is the ability to capture a moment and look back on it years later.

Every photograph holds a story that I can remember about that exact place. Like the photo below. My dad and I were driving home from a trip to my cabin and we drove around the corner and saw this captivating sight. We pulled over and I was able to capture it and remember this amazing moment.

Some of my favorite places I have traveled to include Ireland, Hawaii, Mexico, Florida, Idaho and Colorado.

Some of my bucket list places include Banff, New Zealand, California and Oregon.

Follow along and subscribe if you enjoy photography and want to connect with others who enjoy taking photos as they travel.

I will post tips on how to take better photographs and information about hiking and traveling to various places in Minnesota and beyond.


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