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My Travel Bucket List

Updated: Dec 29, 2022

I turn 40 next year and decided to write out 40 places on my bucket list that I want to visit in the next 10-20 years.

This list is in no particular order but I will rate them as to when I plan to visit using the scale below.

1 = highest on the list and plan to visit in the next 1-2 years

3 = if the opportunity presents itself then I am there

5 = in the next 5 years I’d like to go here

7 = maybe in the next 7-10 years

10 = someday but in no hurry

I’m sure this list will continue to evolve over the years but as of 2022 here it is!

Photography note: All of my other blogs feature photos I have taken. Since I have not been to these locations before I have added photos from unsplash that are not my own. I have added a photo credit of who they belong to so if you like an image please check them out!

Oregon Coast (Rating - 3)

Photo Credit: Katie Musial

This trip almost happened this past summer but the timing just wasn’t there. Gas prices skyrocketed and flights were getting canceled so it was recommended not to fly if you didn’t need to. I plan to visit during non-busy times like September or October.

Redwood Forest and Sequoia National Park (Rating - 5)

Photo Credit: Nandita Damaraju

We were going to go here with the Oregon trip but we had limited time and for the same reasons we didn’t go to Oregon we didn’t go. I haven’t been to California so this is where I would start and possibly add more places to my list.

North Carolina Outer Banks (Rating - 7)

Photo Credit: Gene Gallin

Okay so I love the show Outer Banks and it would be fun to visit here. In particular, I would like to visit Hatteras because I like the photos I’ve seen from here. Of course I’d want to see several of the islands to get the full experience of the Outer Banks.

Utah National Parks (Rating - 5)

Photo Credit: Jamie Hagan

I have been to Arches and would love to visit the other parks in Utah. I’ve heard each park is amazing and unique. Starting with Zion and then visiting Canyonlands, Bryce and Capitol Reef next.

Antelope Canyon (Rating - 7)

Photo Credit:Tyler Franta

There are so many amazing photographs from this site and I would love to see it for myself because pictures never do a place justice. I can’t imagine how amazing this place must be with the light, the colors and the unique beauty it has to offer.

Salt Flats, Utah or Bolivia (Rating - 5)

Photo Credit: Jewad Alnabi

I would love to photograph salt flats. I’m thinking Utah has a better chance but you never know if an opportunity in Bolivia comes along. It's crazy to imagine how much a landscape can change over time and salt flats are a good example of this.

Great Sand Dunes (Rating - 3)

Photo Credit: Keith Hardy

We were so close to going to the Great Sand Dunes in Colorado and so close to visiting the sand dunes in Idaho. Unfortunately, it didn’t happen due to time and I just couldn’t fit it all in. In general I would like to visit a couple sand dune parks.

White Sands National Park (Rating - 3)

Photo Credit: Sumner Mahaffey

I’ve seen a lot of cool photography shots here and want to check it out. I like the way the sand looks after the wind has come through. I'm curious to see how this park differs from the sand dune parks.

Banff National Park (Rating - 3)

Photo Credit: Brandon Jean

This has been on my list for quite some time and I’m waiting for the opportunity to present itself. I also want to explore Canada in general because the scenery looks so amazing. There's a reason Hallmark films so many movies in Canada...the scenery looks breathtaking and stunning. I'm sure that's not the reason but it definitely has beautiful landscapes.

Glacier National Park (Rating - 7)

Photo Credit: Daniel Diermann

I’ve heard this place is magical and I absolutely love mountains but I have a few more places ahead of this one that I want to see first. When you love the outdoors and hiking there’s an abundance of places to visit.

Maine/Acadia National Park (Rating - 7)

Photo Credit: Michael Denning

Exploring more of the east coast is on my list and I would start with Maine. I don’t foresee it in the near future but I would like to visit at some point to go hiking and see the beautiful lighthouses and change of scenery.

Vermont in the Fall (Rating - 7)

Photo Credit: Aditya Vyas

I would love to visit Vermont in the fall and I might have to plan an east coast road trip to include Maine and Vermont together. When I hear Vermont in the fall I think of cozy sweaters, cool crisp fall air and shades of oranges, yellows and reds.

Alaska (Rating - 5)

Photo Credit: Peter Hansen

I had a cruise booked to Alaska using a voucher from 2020 but we ended up switching it to Mexico because Alaska was more expensive then we wanted to spend at the time. When I visit I would like to do a land and sea package so maybe in the next 5 years. I’ll have to save my money because when I visit I want to experience everything Alaska has to offer.

Mackinac Island (Rating - 3)

Photo Credit: Charlie Wollborg

This would be a fairly easy trip to accomplish because of it's proximity to Minnesota. I would like to plan a road trip to drive around Michigan and Mackinac Island would be a major attraction along with some other stops.

Climb Mount Sneffels (Rating - 1)

Photo Credit: Mich

I climbed this mountain in Colorado when I was 13 and I have wanted to climb it again. It’s the only fourteener I’ve climbed. Once I conquer it again I’m sure I will add more fourteeners to my bucket list. I’m turning 40 next year and I hope to climb it then!

Switzerland (Rating - 7)

Photo Credit: Dino Reichmuth

One of the main reasons I want to visit here are the Swiss Alps. The scenery here has to be some of the best mountain views. Definitely a photographer's dream to have these landscape views.

Peru and the Andes Mountain Range (Rating - 7)

Photo Credit: Nicolas Prieto

I do not plan to climb any of the mountains in this area but I’d love to see the mountains from a distance and experience the culture here. I would start with Peru and then also add Chili and Argentina to this bucket list area. Not sure if it would be the same trip or separate. Would love any advice you have when visiting this part of the world.

Nepal and the Himalayas (Rating - 10)

Photo Credit: Ben Lowe

Home to 14 of the highest mountains in the world is for sure on my list as I absolutely love the mountains. I imagine hiking in this area would be breathtaking as well as experiencing the culture here would be an amazing experience.

Iceland (Rating - 5)

Photo Credit: Jonatan Pie

I’ve had this on my bucket list for a while now and am waiting for the right opportunity to take me there. The landscape and uniqueness of it is what draws me here. I want to see the northern lights, volcano, glaciers and waterfalls.

Ireland (Rating - 1)

Taken from the grounds of the Blarney Castle on my 2nd trip

Although I’ve been to Ireland twice already I think this will always be on my bucket list. It is one of my favorite places to visit and I plan to revisit certain areas that I love and some areas I didn’t get to the last two times. The area I plan to revisit is the west coast.

Italy (Rating - 3)

Photo Credit: Calum Lewis

We had a cruise booked in 2020 that was going to Spain, Italy and Croatia. Unfortunately due to Covid we had to cancel this cruise but Italy has been on my bucket list for a long time and I’m determined to get here! I’m most excited about the food because I LOVE Italian food.

Paris (Rating - 7)

Photo Credit: Chris Karidis

Throughout high school I learned French and always thought it would be fun to go to Paris. We were going to fly into Paris and spend a couple days there when we had the Italy cruise booked but since it got canceled we didn’t make it there.

Germany (Rating - 7)

Photo Credit: Meduana

My background is mostly German so I want to visit here to go back to my roots. I think I would want to do a DNA test and see if I can narrow down what region I would want to visit more. It’s also the land of fairytales and the black forest.

Norway (Rating - 10)

Photo Credit: Vidar Nordli-Mathisen

Who wouldn’t want to go to one of the happiest places on Earth? I'd love to photograph the fjords, northern lights, and the beautiful scenery everywhere. I love the outdoors and this would be a great place to go hiking.

Greece (Rating - 7)

Photo Credit: Jonathan Gallegos

I’ve had Greece on my list since I first thought about a bucket list. Since then I’ve added more and more places I want to travel and it’s gone further and further down my list.

Croatia (Rating - 7)

Photo Credit: Spencer Davis

I would love to visit Croatia when I visit Greece. Maybe I’ll do a cruise that covers these two places and see if it’s a spot I want to go back to.

Mexico (Rating - 1)

Taken from my 2nd trip to Puerto Morelos

I’ve been to Mexico 4 times on the Gulf side and absolutely love the scenery. We’ve stayed near Cancun and Cozumel and I can’t wait to go back on a cruise at the end of the year.

Brazil (Rating - 10)

Photo Credit: Raphael Nogueira

It would be fun to be here during the Carnival but I would settle for the scenery, beaches and culture. It would be neat to explore the Amazon and of course catch a soccer game and drink some yummy coffee.

Belize (Rating - 1)

Photo Credit: Meritt Thomas

I’m excited that this is a part of our cruise this year as I’ve always wanted to visit here and see if there’s something we want to go back to and visit in the area. Obviously it’s just a snapshot and to really see the area you need to stay longer than a day but then you will know if you want to go back and visit.

Honduras (Rating - 1)

Photo Credit: Esteban Benites

This spot is also on our cruise and I look forward to exploring somewhere new. You never know where you stop and you fall in love with the culture, people, and landscape. Cruises create a great opportunity to get a snapshot of the vibes you get in each port.

Maui (Rating - 3)

I took a pic of this turtle everywhere we went on our last trip to Hawaii

I’ve been to Oahu, Kauai and The Big Island so Maui is the next Hawaiian island on my list. My mom has been here twice so I want to plan a mother daughter trip here. So far my favorite island has been Kauai but to make the most fair comparison I need to visit all the islands.

Bora, Bora (Rating - 10)

Photo Credit: John Ko

This is similar on my list to Bali. I will make it here one day but not in the near future. This tropical paradise just sounds perfect. I want to stay in a bungalow over the water so I’ll have to save up for this one.

Galapagos Islands (Rating - 7)

Photo Credit: Amy Perez

Ever since I watched a video about the Galapagos Islands, I’ve wanted to go there. To see so many varieties of animals and creatures found only here would be amazing.

New Zealand (Rating - 5)

Photo Credit: Aaron Sebastian

Adventure and scenery lures me to New Zealand. I think this was the first thing I added to my bucket list a long time ago. I want to take a trip here with my dad as he also wants to visit and we both love the outdoors and photography.

Australia (Rating - 7)

Photo Credit: Joey Csunyo

I want to visit here for the amazing beaches, wildlife and the outback. I’m guessing I would visit here the same time I see New Zealand but I would spend more time there then Australia.

South Africa (Rating - 10)

Photo Credit: Tiaan Nell

We almost went here about 10-15 years ago with some friends but we decided not to go based on our budget and other reasons. Would love to see the wildlife and landscapes here.

Bagan, Myanmar (Rating - 10)

Photo Credit: Alexander Schimmeck

I would love to explore the history and culture and see the numerous temples and historical sites. I have seen travel advisories here but someday I would like to visit. Perhaps when I visit Vietnam and Thailand which are my next two bucket list places.

Vietnam (Rating - 10)

Photo Credit: Ammie Ngo

My dad served in the Vietnam war and I’ve wanted to visit this area to see the beautiful landscape and history.

Thailand (Rating - 10)

Photo Credit: Robin Noguier

When I go to Vietnam I would like to also see Thailand. The scenery here looks amazing in photographs so I can imagine what it looks like in person. I want to walk the beaches, hike in the jungle and admire the beautiful landscape.

Bali (Rating - 10)

Photo Credit: Alfiano Sutianto

Okay, so I would love to make it to Bali because it looks amazing but I don’t foresee it in the near future. Still on my bucket list. It’s near Myanmar, Vietnam and Thaliand but I’m thinking that would be too many places in one trip but maybe later in life I could spend a month exploring this region.


Well, that is my bucket list of places I want to visit in the next 10-20 years. I feel that if you write it down, it’s more likely to happen. I have a bucket list journal where I have all these places listed and once you go to the place you write in the journal what you experienced. Can’t wait to fill it up!



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