Hidden Valley Park in Winter

A lot of people only visit parks when the weather is sunny and warm. I have been exploring parks more in the winter and they can be absolutely breathtaking with all the snow.

I have visited Hidden Valley park several times in the winter and the fall and have come to really love the setting. Hidden Valley Park in Savage is a quieter park but offers varied settings with the Credit River running through it.

There’s a playground, picnic shelter, bathrooms (not open in the winter), sledding hill, baseball/softball field, walking/biking trail, bridges, protected natural area, archery and sand volleyball.

I’ve taken portraits here as well as nature photography and this park is ideal for both! The name fits it well because it really is hidden and you wouldn’t really know it was there unless you knew to look for it.

On the way down the road, you go down a hill with beautiful trees all around you and then come to a parking lot. The bridges are a very short walk and the picnic shelter is right in the middle next to the river.

I haven’t hiked the whole trail but I’m sure it’s beautiful if it’s anything like the beginning of the trail. I’ll have to try walking the whole trail when it’s warmer. I heard there’s raspberries everywhere so I’ll have to check that out for sure!

During my winter hike, there was only one other person and the snow plows trying to plow the parking lot.

I saw and heard a lot of birds and the sun was peaking through the clouds. It was a beautiful, quiet morning walking through the fresh snow.

The colors of the trees, sky and river really pop against the bright white snow. There was a robin that came a little closer to me when I sat by the river for a while.

I highly recommend visiting this park during all the seasons, especially winter!

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