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Family Vacation Photo Tips

Below are a few tips to remember when taking photos on your family vacation.

family walking on the beach in hawaii

How do you know what photos to take on your family vacation to help you remember all the good times and the challenging times because we all know the not so fun times on vacation always make the best stories.

Signs of the places you visit

Take a picture of the sign from where you visited. I look back all the time trying to remember that one amazing place we stopped but couldn’t remember the name of it. If I have a picture of the sign I can always look it up later to find the location or more information.

Details of everything

Capture all the details like snacks or meals you ate, clothes you wore, the car you were driving with the scenery in the background, maps you followed, postcards or souvenirs you bought. These little details will help to spark the memories from your trip.

People in the scene

Have people in your photo. This will help tell the story and add a sense of scale. Make sure you have photos of everyone from your vacation, this includes you. Place people off to the side of the landscape for a better composition. Ask someone to take a picture of your family and then you can take a picture of them. You can also put only a part of you in the image like your feet, hands or legs.

Candid moments

Snap those candid moments of everyone you are traveling with. I love taking photos of people when they aren’t looking because it’s more natural and evokes emotion. If you are participating in an activity, capture these moments as well.

Think about the purpose of the image

When you are taking a family photo think about this question - Am I trying to capture my family within the beautiful landscape backdrop or capture my beautiful family on vacation? I think it’s important to have both. Here is the difference. Right picture is of us near our cruise ship. You can’t see the faces as much but you can tell we are on a cruise. Left picture is of just us with our gear on because that's what I wanted to capture not necessarily where we are.

Take video too

I love capturing a little video of the vacation too. Especially if you have young children and you can capture their sweet voices and laughs. Remember to pan slowly if you are taking video of a scene.

Always make sure you are safe when finding good spots for photo opportunities. Do not risk your safety or the safety of your family. It’s not worth the photo opp. Hope these tips help you create some great photos to remember your family vacation.


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