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Cave Tubing Adventure in Belize

One of our favorite excursions!

Cave tubing in the belize jaguar paw jungle in crystal cave

When you are on a cruise you have the option of going on excursions and I believe to make the most of your cruise port you should do an excursion. The Cruise we went on was a 7 night western Caribbean cruise through Royal Caribbean on the Serenade of the Seas in mid November.

Chukka adventures in the belize jungle

One of our stops was Belize and the excursion we chose was rather long due to the drive. You had to take a longer ride via bus or van to get to the location but it was totally worth it! We had a small group with only 8 of us and we got to take a larger van. Our driver was also our guide which made it nice to get to know everyone better.

Chukka van that took us cave tubing in belize

There were two entrances to the park and we got the secret more private entrance so you didn’t have to walk as far to the caves. When we arrived we changed into our clothes and shoes to go cave tubing. We were going to do ziplining after that and then have lunch which was included in the tour. ATVs were also available at this location but we didn’t have that in our package.

crystal cave in the jaguar paw jungle of belize on our cruise

Through our cruise there were two cave tubing options and we picked the Crystal Cave in the Jaguar Paw Jungle. I'm guessing there are other cave systems and places to go as well. If you’ve been to other locations in Belize let me know if you liked it.

we went cave tubing in belize

We got our helmets, life jackets, lights and tubes and headed to the cave. You had to walk a short distance and then walk down some steps into the dark cave. Our guide helped us on our tubes and tied us together so he could guide us through.

cave tubing in the jungles of belize

It was a relaxing ride and the cave walls just glistened with crystals as he shined light on them. He talked about the cave and the different formations until we got to a spot where we got off our tubes and walked through some of the cave as he explained what they are doing to help preserve it for the next generations.

We then got back on our tubes and headed through some more of the cave. There was a spot that we could get out and swim or continue to float to the end. I chose to float but I had to paddle my way to the end as the current didn’t really take me there. I wanted to take photos and relax on the water as part of the cave had collapsed in this area so the green jungle and sky were visible.

cave tubing in Belize

At this point I was almost to the end when I heard gushing water in the distance like a waterfall and I was worried that I might float the wrong way! I was the last person to get to the end and luckily I made it. My hubby got it on video where I was like oh my gosh I’m going to go off the end.

We then walked back, dropped off our tube and headed to the van to get dressed for our next adventure...ziplining!


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