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5 Tips for Capturing Holiday Memories

I have fond memories of the holidays growing up and love looking at photos of those memories. Photographs capture emotion, tell a story, help you remember the past, and share moments with loved ones that could not be with you. Here are a few tips to capturing memories this holiday season.

Take the less obvious photo

presents by the fireplace

Try taking pictures of the details like the place settings, one special ornament or décor item, a favorite food dish, morning coffee, the flames from the fireplace. Try to tell a story with your photos.

Look for different angles and details

christmas bingo details and decorating cookies for kids

Try taking the same photo laying down or on a step stool or from a doorway. Try not to take a photo straight on and see what you can come up with. Pay attention to the details and see if you add something or take something away to make it a better image. Add some decor items together and take a picture of everything together.

Lighting is Important

sunset at the holidays over the frozen lake

Make sure your lighting is purposeful. Light is the most important aspect of photography so think about where the light is hitting your subject before you take the shot. During the day, place your subject facing the window light. Try taking a photo outside in the snow as snow is a great reflector of light. At night, make sure the light source is lighting people from the front and not behind them unless you are looking for a silhouette then put the light behind them.

Candid Moments

decorating a gingerbread house at the holidays

Capture the emotion and mood of the holidays. Instead of having your family look at the camera, have them look at each other and laugh. Take the candid moments when they don’t know you are taking a photo. Capture feelings like cozy, warm or delightful.

Get inspiration

hotel lobby decorations at christmas time in Ireland

Look at old photo albums and think about what you really enjoy about some of the older photos and try to capture that in current times. Look at Pinterest or magazines and see what photos capture your attention and recreate it in your own way.


Have an amazing holiday season and remember to take photos of those special moments with friends and family. You never know when it might be the last photo of everyone together so click away and create those memories to last a lifetime and beyond.

Tips to Capture Holiday Memories

  1. Take the less obvious photos

  2. Look for different angles and details

  3. Lighting is important

  4. Don't forget to capture candid moments as well as posed

  5. Get inspiration and try to recreate it in your own way

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