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10 Quick Tips for Fall Photography

Updated: Dec 29, 2022

We are in the midst of fall colors here in Minnesota. I will share 10 quick tips on capturing the fall colors.

fall colors

Tip # 1

Time of Day Matters

fall colors

I love taking photos of the leaves with the blue sky behind them so the middle of the day can work with this type of shot. I also like golden hour because the colors can be deeper, warmer and more vivid. If you are looking for more of a moody image then a cloudy day would work better.

Tip # 2

Don’t be afraid to shoot in any condition

fall colors reflection

Sometimes the time of day and weather can force you to get creative with the images you capture and that’s a good thing. If you know what you are looking to capture then go out when the conditions match or be flexible and get creative with what you get.

Tip #3

You can take photos in cloudy AND sunny conditions

fall colors lakeshore

A cloudy day can provide a soft even light on the trees while a bright sunny day can highlight certain areas of a landscape. Each day has its challenges and strengths so you may have to compromise with the mood of the day.

Tip #4

Capture landscape, close up views and everything in between

fall colors leaves macro

The details on some of these leaves are incredible and if you get up close you can really capture the veins of the leaves. I also like to capture a landscape shot where you can really see the changing colors from green to yellows, oranges and reds.

Tip #5

Look up, down and all around

fall colors

I like to look up and capture the trees with the sky especially when it’s bright blue. I also like to look at the leaves on the ground or on the tree. Try a ton of different perspectives because you never know what you might like until you take a pic of it.

Tip #6

Take pics after it rains

fall colors leaves

The colors will be intensified and the puddles will be fun to capture reflections with. You can also get some great cloud formations with the fall colors.

Tip #7

There’s more than the color leaves in fall

black and white photography skies

There are so many little insects and bugs that you can capture and flowers that are still blooming. There are some purple flowers that I love to capture in the fall. So many pumpkins and gourds to capture too. Don't be afraid to do black and white photography too especially in the middle of the day when there is more contrast or if the colors aren't really what you had hoped yet.

Tip #8

You don’t have to go far

fall colors

You can capture so many pics in your own backyard or nearby park. I’m always on the lookout when I drive to the store or walk down the street. Even when it’s not fall I am thinking of where the trees would be awesome. Or I will find a place and go back one week later to see how it’s changed

Tip #9

Use the color wheel

fall colors

So many contrasting colors and shades of the same color to capture. Using color in your composition can make a great image.

Tip #10

Go Early

fall colors

On certain fall days the ground or air is warmer and this creates fog which can add such a neat element to a fall photo scene.

Bonus Tip

There are different seasons of fall which have different options to capture

Early fall you can capture more of the green with yellows, oranges and reds just starting to peek through.

Middle fall there is a lot more fall colors mixed in and you are likely to capture a little bit of everything.

Late fall you can capture blankets of leaves everywhere in certain areas.

End of fall is where you can capture more moody images that aren’t as bright.


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